Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ghostbusters III

There has been talk about a third Ghostbusters film probably since the interwebz first came crashing into living rooms around the globe. Though whenever asked about it, most of the parties who were originally involved would react nonchalantly at best.

In the case of the films' lead, Bill Murray, it would often be met with an eye roll and has been referred to as his "nightmare."

However, the release of the film looks to finally be making some headway, though Murray may not be far off from referring to this as his nightmare.

Columbia has made an official announcement and the film is set for a 2011 release. Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, and Ernie Hudson have signed on, while my platonic celebrity crushes Sigourney Weaver and Annie Potts are presumably going to be joining in on the reunion as well. Ivan Reitman stated in an interview that Rick Moranis is considering coming out of retirement to reprise his role as super-nerd Louis Tully, though no confirmation as of yet.

Also no word on whether Annie Potts will be reviving her outrageously stellar glasses and hair from Ghostbusters 2.

The film's story was written by Aykroyd, though the final screenplay has been penned by Lee Eisenberg (of "The Office" fame).

Veteran director and producer Ivan Reitman, who helmed the first two Ghostie films, is all fired up to direct this one as well... Here's where some of that aforementioned nightmare comes into play.

Apparently the studio is trying to oust Reitman from the director's chair in the hopes of getting a new, hot, young, sexy director in his place. As the old coot has already signed on to romantic comedy Friends With Benefits the studio thought he would relinquish his duties on Ghostbusters. No dice! Reitman has stated he intends to do both, which has also allegedly created some friction between the producers and the stars.

There are also stories flying around that the real holdup on this project is Bill Murray himself. Rumor has it that Dan Aykroyd had to put his foot down with Murray who has script approval in his contract and had requested that his character be killed off early on.

However, in an interview on "The Morning Show," Murray stated for the first time that he considered the story and script promising and met the question with as positive an air as the notoriously deadpan actor could muster.

Provided all the stars align, the juices flow, and the shit gets cleaned off the fan, I think this could potentially be one amazing sequel. I am excited to see what happens. It could also be the biggest disaster of the 21st century. Oh the suspense!

Personally, I just wish they could get Harris Yulin back to play Judge Wexler. His was probably my favorite scene out of both Ghostbusters films.

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