Saturday, January 17, 2009


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Here is an article I wrote for my dear friend Lucy Vonne's blog (Sexy Blogtime!) under the pseudonym Phineas K. Rimmington (hence my user name here on Blogspot which I created for this article).

Someone upon reading this article accused me of a misspelling (anilingus vs. analingus). To which I stated that it is not an officially recognized word and therefore either spelling is accuruate or equally inaccurate.

Don't question me...


Anilingus. Rimming. Salad tossing. Ass eating. Whichever of these terms suits you best, two truths hold firm about this erotic oral activity. One is the definition: The licking of the anus. Second is the fact that it feels amazing and is fun to do! As my dear friend, sex educator, model, and burlesque performer Courtney Cruz once said, “I don’t care who you are or what you’re into. A tongue in your asshole feels fan-fucking-tastic!”

Well I’m here to endorse that idea wholeheartedly and let you gorgeous, sexy people know that rimming is not just okay, it is magical. Everyone from Joe Six-Pack to the Hockey Mom want and deserve to be getting their salad tossed on a regular basis. And so do you! So read on and allow me to take you through the facts, preparation, safety tips, technique, positions, and sheer joy of rimming.

To read the rest of my article on Rimming simply LICK HERE!... I mean... Click Here. 0:-)

"I See a Man With His Butt"

Take a look at this news story (link below) surrounding the selling by American Apparel of a magazine called BUTT.

BUTT is a pocket-size, quarterly magazine for and about homosexuals, founded in 2001, published and printed in The Netherlands, available world-wide.

Trina Campbell from West Vancouver, BC in Canada was not amused when she went shopping with her 13-year old daughter and found a copy of BUTT at a local American Apparel store.

I'm kind of in love with Trina Campbell. I think her reaction to the whole thing is not only hysterically funny, but also understandable (although BUTT is hardly "graphic pornography").

Any opinions?

Trina Campbell on BUTT Magazine

Cataracts Penguin!

Click Here! So cute!

(There's a 20 second commercial before the news clip starts... Annoying, I know...)

Adios Ricardo

Ricardo Montalban, the Mexican-born actor who became a star in splashy MGM musicals and later became an icon as the wish-fulfilling Mr. Roarke in TV’s “Fantasy Island,” died Wednesday morning at his home, his family said. He was 88.

“He was so gracious, and Aaron was always humbled by Ricardo’s gratitude for ’Fantasy Island,” said Candy Spelling, wife of the late Aaron Spelling, who created the show. “I miss him already, and wish his family well.”

Montalban had been a star in Mexican movies when MGM brought him to Hollywood in 1946. He was cast in the leading role opposite Esther Williams in “Fiesta,” and starred again with the swimming beauty in “On an Island with You” and “Neptune’s Daughter.”

He appeared as villains in two hits of the 1980s: “Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan” and — in line with his always-apparent sense of humor about himself — the farcical “The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad.”

Montalban helped found the ALMA Awards, which honor and encourage fair portrayals of Latinos in entertainment. In 1970, he also organized fellow Latino actors into an organization called Nosotros (“We”), and he became the first president. Their aim: to improve the image of Spanish-speaking Americans on the screen; to assure that Latin-American actors were not discriminated against; to stimulate Latino actors to study their profession.

Montalban was an Emmy and SAG Award winner, Tony Award nominee, and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Despite being confined to a wheelchair and suffering from severe physical pain since a surgery in 1993, he continued to accept roles in movies such as "Spy Kids" and various voice over work for shows like "Dora the Explorer" and "Family Guy".

I personally have always admired and been captivated by the performances of Ricardo Montalban. I wish his family peace and I am happy to know that Ricardo is finally at peace and no longer in pain.