Thursday, May 14, 2009

Giant Gay Repellent Umbrella

So for anyone who hasn't seen the delightfully funny Jane Lynch parody of NOM's (National Organization for Marriage) ad opposing Marriage Equality, there is a reference toward the end about visiting

You can view the whole video below. I find it hilarious.

As it turns out, a viewer took the initiative to register the domain (since the Funny or Die Team did not) and continue the parody in the form of blog posts and fake news articles.

There's not much going on there at the moment, but I do think it has some potential to be a fun site. As such, I submitted my own "news" article with a photo which the site author liked and used (with some of his own expansion on the story).

Check it out!

And here's the parody the site is based on:

p.s. When did Lance Bass steal the body of Zeus? Humminuh humminuh.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Heart-On Your Sleeve

As most of you are aware, I work for the Pleasure Chest in New York City's West Village. A company I started working for at the West Hollywood location back in 2006.

I occasionally write articles for my dear friend and coworker Lucy Vonne who created and maintains the site I write these articles under the pseudonym Phineas K. Rimmington only because that name makes me laugh. It was a toss up between that and Rimmy le Hound!

The most recent addition to these articles is my review of Golden Triangle's Stretch Masturbation Sleeve.

Check it out!

More articles to come soon, but in the meantime you can get caught up on Lucy's postings or on my friend Brandon's postings at!

Play safe and play often!

Who Is That: Toni Collette

Name: Toni Collette
Occupation: Actress
Genre: Film/Stage/Television
Born: November 1, 1972

This stunningly talented and unique actress received rave reviews practically right out of the gate in her career. The Australian-born beauty is a BAFTA, Golden Globe, Emmy, Tony, and Oscar nominee! She has won a slew of Australian and Film Critics awards as well as a SAG award. She most recently starred in a television series for Showtime entitled "The United States of Tara".

Starting out at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts in Australia, Collette dropped out of the school after 18 months to accept a role in the 1992 film Spotswood alongside Anthony Hopkins and Russell Crowe. Her first film role earned her a nomination as Best Supporting Actress from the Australian Film Institute. Shortly thereafter, Collette made her professional stage debut with the Sydney Theater Company as Sonya in the Chekhov play Uncle Vanya. For this performance, she was awarded a Critic's Circle award for Best Newcomer. She went on to appear in another play under the directorship of Geoffrey Rush.

In 1994, Collette gained 40 pounds in seven weeks for her role as the title character in Muriel's Wedding, for which she was awarded the Australian Film Institute's Best Actress award. Upon transitioning to Hollywood, she continued to win praise for her significant roles in the films Emma, Clockwatchers, The Boys, Velvet Goldmine, and 8 1/2 Women.

Her breakthrough into major stardom came with her memorable, Academy Award nominated performance as Lynn Sear in the M. Night Shyamalan film The Sixth Sense. Collette continued to wow audiences and critics alike with her performances in successful and acclaimed films including Shaft, Changing Lanes, About a Boy, Dirty Deeds, The Hours, In Her Shoes, and The Black Balloon.

In two of my personal favorite films of hers, Collette can be seen giving a hilarious and sincere performance beside Nia Vardalos in the comedy Connie and Carla, and as the cheerful but frustrated mother and wife to Greg Kinnear in the award-winning film Little Miss Sunshine.

In 2000, she was nominated for a Tony award for Best Actress in a Musical for her outstanding performance as Queenie in the Michael John LaChiusa musical The Wild Party. She also is the lead singer of a band called Toni Collette & the Finish who released their first album in 2006 entitled "Beautiful Awkward Pictures".

Toni Collette is a true artist who is constantly trying to stretch and grow beyond what she and others might expect of her. I hope that I and audiences the world over will continue to be captivated by the work of Toni Collette for a long time to come!

Below is a clip from the 2001 Tony Awards in which Collette, Mandy Patinkin, and the legendary Eartha Kitt perform pieces from the Broadway musical The Wild Party.

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Gay Moment: Emile Hirsch and James McAvoy

This Gay Moment is brought to you by photographer Art Streiber for Vanity Fair's "Hitchcock Classics" photo shoot.

James: Fancy a quickie up the arse?

Emile: I'm intrigued.