Monday, January 19, 2009

I Heart Underwear

I really do heart underwear. And I think my passions for it show.

Stop it, you know what I mean.

Someone once told me that I have "the underwear of the gods." Which lead to a completely ridiculous conversation about how the gods didn't wear underwear except on Olympus' monthly Gay Night which is kind of redundant since homosexuality was a prevalent part of Greek culture and history, etc., etc.

Point is I have great underwear. And so should you.

Here are some good places to shop for fashion undies online:

Top Drawers

Fresh Pair

Under Gear

Enjoy dropping trou a little more from now on.

Party More! Prevent Dementia!

According to a study reported by Reuters, socially active people are less likely to develop dementia in their geriatric years.

Researchers state that keeping a full social calendar and cutting down on stress can decrease the likelihood of dementia by as much as 50%!

An estimated 24 million people worldwide have memory loss, problems with orientation and other symptoms that signal Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia.

The number of people diagnosed with dementia is estimated to quadruple by 2040!

Quick! To the club!

Ace and Obi-Wan In Love!

Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor were showing some sweet gay lovin' last night at the Sundance Film Festival where their film I Love You Phillip Morris, a film about a con man who meets the love of his life in prison, premiered.

Carrey told the Associated Press that kissing McGregor was “A dream come true. I mean, look at the guy!"

I have to agree with Jim on that one.

On "playing gay" McGregor said there was nothing awkward in their kissing and cuddling scenes.

Anyone else jealous of Jim Carrey in this instance?

Eat More Cheese and Get a Job

Tara Weiss of has provided us with the Top 10 U.S. Cities to Get Hired!

Surprisingly to me, Madison, Wisconsin topped the list and is touted as the most "recession proof" city in the United States.

Also mentioned on the list were Washington D.C. and Pittsburgh.

As for me and all of my friends and family in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles... Guess which three cities are not on the list?

Inaugurations of Yore

Chicago Tribune reporters Mark Jacob and David Jahntz know how to bring out the magic and glory of American History in this fantastic article about the 10 Things You Might Not Know About Inaugurations.

A flustered and blinded Robert Frost, frozen canaries, forgotten presidents, and poisoned pigeons.

And people say politics is boring!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


This is a great commentary written by Grammy Award-winning jazz musician Wynton Marsalis. Click the link below to read.

Happy Martin Luther King Day and here's looking forward to the continuation of our shared history...

Let's Treasure the Old, Along with the New

Pork Bites Back

This could be one of the funniest things I've read in a hot minute.

A Dutch tourist gets bitten by a pig in Arizona and is now filing a $400,000.00 lawsuit against the responsible facility.

I am simply delighted.

Get the full story here.

Oh, and Javelina says...


PB & K

Mr. Peanut will END YOU!

Okay, that's an exaggeration, but in light of my recent Peanut Butter madness, my friend Brandon sent me a fun little article from CNN Health which is stating that there's a mass recall going on of certain Peanut Butter products in the United States!

Why God?! Why??!

According to reports, there is a major salmonella outbreak surrounding my favorite pasty snack which is causing products from Peanut Corp. of America and Kellogg's (among other companies) to be recalled by the FDA.

The most recent update found on is that there was salmonella-tainted peanut butter found in Connecticut! It's getting closer to home!

Now with all my hysteria, I should point out that all of these health concerns and recalls are surrounding peanut butter that is sold and produced in bulk. Therefore, according to CNN, individual jars manufactured and distributed for sale in the supermarkets are not likely to be affected.

But still... MAYHEM!