Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ships Passing

It appears that, unbeknownst to me until now, Michael Urie and the rest of the cast of the successful Off-Broadway show The Temperamentals made an appearance in New York City's Gay Pride parade this year.

Obviously Michael was either oblivious to my presence or failed in his frantic search to find me further back in the parade, otherwise I'm assuming he would've seized the opportunity to finally ask me out on that date.

Better luck next time, Michael! You looked great!

I really want this song now.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Michael Urie Should Ask Me Out: Reason Six

Reason #6: Because I'm a Taurus and, should our date come to this, I am apparently the best lover he'll ever have.

"Those lucky enough to snare this lover will find that the best, amazingly, has been hidden from view! In private, the Bull is an intense partner, and one quite happy to have sensual encounters go on all night long. The Energizer Bunny of the Zodiac has arrived! These days and nights of play should be punctuated with conversation, fantasies, seduction, even a few edible treats, the better to create the perfect mood. Sex as a release from the more practical aspects of life is often all the Bull wants."

Hey Michael... Got six hours to kill?

A Gay Moment: Johnny Depp

This Gay Moment is brought to you by the film Public Enemies.

Johnny: Come and get me boys...