Thursday, May 14, 2009

Giant Gay Repellent Umbrella

So for anyone who hasn't seen the delightfully funny Jane Lynch parody of NOM's (National Organization for Marriage) ad opposing Marriage Equality, there is a reference toward the end about visiting

You can view the whole video below. I find it hilarious.

As it turns out, a viewer took the initiative to register the domain (since the Funny or Die Team did not) and continue the parody in the form of blog posts and fake news articles.

There's not much going on there at the moment, but I do think it has some potential to be a fun site. As such, I submitted my own "news" article with a photo which the site author liked and used (with some of his own expansion on the story).

Check it out!

And here's the parody the site is based on:

p.s. When did Lance Bass steal the body of Zeus? Humminuh humminuh.

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