Saturday, February 7, 2009


Sometimes the strangest things will enter my head and stay there for an unlikely amount of time and eventually make me sad.

As was the most recent example, the extinction of the Dodo.

I'm sad the Dodo no longer exists. For all of his cultural contributions to art, literature, and entertainment if nothing else. The Dodo has been and continues to be a great spark of the imagination for people the world over.

And while I think there is a certain amount of majesty in the otherwise comical appearance of the Dodo, I think at the very least people would agree that they could fall under the "so ugly, they're cute" category.

The Dodo was native to the island of Mauritius where it had no predators, fed on fruit, and nested on the ground. Because of their peaceful lives in isolation, the birds showed no fear of humans when they were first encountered.

Next thing you know, Man shows up with dogs, cats, rats, pigs, and Crab-eating Macaques. WTF?! Crab-Eating Macaques! These animals then raided the nests of the birds while man started tearing down their natural habitat and hunting them. Add to that a study which showed many animals were killed in a flash flood on the island and it's curtains for the unassuming and adorable Dodo!

It all just makes me mad. They got a raw deal. I want the Dodo back.

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