Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I ♥ Bacon

My dear friend and godchild Lucy introduced me to what is likely to be the highlight of 2009. Okay, that's not true. I plan to have many more. But this will undoubtedly be among the top twenty, if not top ten.

My love of bacon is not a secret. I love eating in general, but breakfast food is one of my all-time favorites. Just give me an omelet and the boy lives!

I also love chocolate. I have an addiction to M&M's and, until my recent relocation to NY, I had an addiction to See's Candy (particularly their Blueberry Truffle).

Now two of my greatest joys in life have been combined by some of the world's foremost chefs and the combination is showing up on the dessert menus of the most chic urban eateries the world over.

That's right. Bacon is a dessert. Chefs are combining bacon with everything from chocolate to tarts to ice cream to cup cakes. And the very idea alone has thrust me into total ecstasy.

Click Here to read all about how bacon has broken free from the tether of the scrambled egg and joined forces with the pastries! Revolution!

My birthday is April 30th. I'm just sayin'.

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