Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pogo Treats "UP" and Returns to "Wonderland"

Well it appears that my would-be Australian lover, Pogo, has been a busy lad as of late!

He has most recently put his magic touch to use on a track entitled "Upular" composed using chords, bass notes, and vocal samples from the smash hit Disney-Pixar film UP. The video to accompany this track is featured below!

While working on that project, he also returned to Wonderland with the tracks "Bread and Butterflies", "Lost", and "Unbirthday". These are of course branches off of his initial success which was a track simply entitled "Alice". You can listen to all of Pogo's amazing work by going to his LastFM page where there are also a wealth of free downloads!

Here is the video for his latest track "Upular"! Enjoy!

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