Monday, August 24, 2009

Cher and Chaz

When two forces of nature come together, the results are either catastrophic or unparalleled magic.

Fortunately, the combination of the forces known as Roseanne Barr and Jackie Beat have brought something hilariously magical to the worldwide interwebz.

Below is the first episode of an online series entitled "Cher and Chaz" executive produced by Roseanne Barr, written by and starring Jackie Beat and Nadya Ginsburg, and also starring Selene Luna.

The series already has some in the Trans/Queer community up in arms, stating that the parody, as well as Beat's song "He/She Chastity", is wrought with trans-hating sentiments. Most of the people griping, however, have no idea who Jackie Beat is nor that the comedic careers of Barr and Beat are hardly known for their reputations of being polite.

Enjoy and stay tuned! Roseanne is supposed to make an appearance in upcoming episodes!

1 comment:

  1. Cher and Chaz rocks! Especially the expertly dubbed laughtrack. I'm laughing... at the laughing!