Friday, June 26, 2009

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

Completely surreal is the subject. The very idea. It sounds preposterous.

Michael Jackson is dead... But it's true.

He was the source and constant companion of so much joy, growth, and learning for millions.

The King of Pop. Undisputed. The key-holder to an entire generation of people all over the world. His music, his unique and addicting vocalizations, his unsurpassed dancing style, his entire existence... It's difficult to imagine the world without it.

Yet here we are.

Yes, he was eccentric to say the least. His life was constantly the target of gossip and rumors. Unending speculation and an ocean of stories about surgical procedures and pedophilia.

But through it all, his rule over the kingdom of music held firm.

All one has to do is listen to any of the many songs that Jackson made famous by pouring his heart and soul into every note and every word. From his beginnings with The Jackson Five to his last album.

I don't have to give a rundown of his life, career, nor his death. We all know it.

All I ask at this time is that you take a moment. Ignore the crassly altered photos all over the internet, ignore the mockeries, let go of the rumors, the eccentricities, the scandalized media clips.

Listen to his song. Understand why he is immortal. Know that the world will, in fact, never be without his music. And remember why he was king.

Goodbye, Michael Jackson. How can we ever thank you?

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