Friday, June 26, 2009

No More Tighty Whities!

One of my all-time favorite, and now officially most bizarre, underwear manufacturers has launched an all-out attack on undies of a mundane nature.

Those crazed Canadian anarchists cry out "No More Tighty Whities!"

Ginch Gonch "openly denounces any and all forms of boring tighty whities, blah-boxers, and granny panties" with their new ad campaign and melodramatic website touting the extreme measures they will go in order to end the reign of banal undergarments.

All of GG's designs have steered well clear of the average and generic since their inception in 1984, always with a wry sense of humor, a sexy fit, and holding to their slogan "Live like a kid!"

Being the proud owner of at least a dozen (probably more) pairs of the fun and funky designs by the Montreal-based company, I openly join my comrades in their mission to end the centuries-old oppression of plebeian skivvies!

Cry Ginch Gonch! And let slip the briefs of war!

Below is an original video by one of our brothers in arms who bravely shares his vision of what use, or lack thereof, tighty whities have in this ever-evolving and fashion-forward world!

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