Monday, June 1, 2009

Michael Urie Should Ask Me Out: Reason One

A while back, a few friends of mine told me that I resemble actor Michael Urie who is best known for his role as Marc St. James on ABC's hit series "Ugly Betty".

Being the apparent narcissistic bitch that I am (even though I personally think our resemblances are minimal), I have since become rather keen on Michael based on his UB performances and a few of his interviews I've seen. I think he's intelligent, witty, talented, and, obviously, way cute.

I have come to the conclusion that Michael Urie should ask me out, and thus begin my semi-regular posts as to why.


Reason #1: He's dorkaliciously cute. I like that. Who wouldn't like that? And people say we're similar which means I am also dorkalicioulsy cute. Again... Who wouldn't like that?

We should go on a dorkalicious date Michael. Think about it.

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