Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Brit Brief: Ginch Gonch's "I Love London"

Those unstoppably naughty forces in Montreal have successfully executed another attack upon my weakness for wacky skivvies.

Ginch Gonch is continuing the launch of their "I Love" Collection, a series which got off to a supremely successful start with the "I Love Boys" and "I Love Girls" styles (almost all of which are currently sold out on their website)!

The latest release was "I Love London". And I do love it! The Burberry-esque waistband, along with the pop art graphics depicting Big Ben and double-decker buses, have this poof feeling sixpence short of a shilling!

Pictured above is the lowrise style entitled "Skid Vicious". Brill! I need that in order to live. As well as the sister style called "London Baller".

The London addition to the "I Love" collection already appears to be selling out quickly! So hurry up and buy me a pair before it's too late!

Up next from those nutters up in Canada: I Love Tokyo! Arigato, Ginch Gonch!


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