Wednesday, October 14, 2009

When Two Passions Collide: Disney and Underwear

So according to sources, these images have been around for quite a while. I, however, just came across them earlier today. I have to say, I might be more entertained by these than is considered healthy.

Everyone should be aware by now that I underwear. And everyone should know that I Disney. Did someone say Aladdin in a jockstrap? Sign me up!

Apparently an imaginative individual at Deviant Art named David Kawena decided it was a good idea to torment me with some original artwork depicting a collection of Disney men posing in nothing but their skivvies and some interesting accessories.

I find these images hilarious... But am also a little turned on by them. And to think I had a therapist tell me he didn't feel I was in need of therapy!

What say you now, doc?

1 comment:

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