Friday, September 11, 2009

Michael Urie Should Ask Me Out: Reason Eight

Reason #8: Because he'd be hard-pressed to find someone as enthusiastic as I am about his performance last February for Broadway Backwards 4. Broadway Backwards is an annual benefit concert put on by New York's LGBT Center. The always star-studded event takes the most well-known Broadway songs and changes the gender for whom the song was originally written.

In this case, my would-be lover Michael sings Sondheim's "Getting Married Today" from the musical Company, along with Becki Newton and Christopher Kale Jones.

Now I've seen legendary comediennes like Carol Burnett and Madeline Kahn kick this song's ass with their comedic force in the past. While Michael may not quite be on that pedestal, I still think that he has brought his own unique style to this piece and really sold it with everything he had.

If I'd been at the concert, I totally would've put out just for this performance alone.

Hey, Michael! Meet me in the green room after your performance so I can properly reward you for it!

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