Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Players Club

I recently received a generous invitation to spend an evening at the legendary Players Club which is located in Manhattan's Gramercy Park.

This place is phenomenal and overflowing with film and theater related history. Founded in 1888 by Shakespearean actor Edwin Booth and author Mark Twain (among others), the Players Club housed the formation of Actors' Equity and boasts such famous members as Frank Sinatra, Peter O'Toole, John and Lionel Barrymore, Al Hirschfeld, and Helen Hayes (to name just a very, very few in a lineup of film and theater royalty).

I was invited by the ever-generous and talented actor Robert Davi and was given the "Five Cent Tour" by Lee Pfeiffer, also an incredibly generous and intelligent man who was a delight to get to know.

Being in this place and being in such fantastic company was definitely a highlight of my time living in New York thus far. It served as a great reigniting of my passions and goals, the reason I moved to this great city to begin with.

I sincerely hope that one day I may be so fortunate as to include myself in the list of members of this truly phenomenal place whose purpose is "The promotion of social intercourse between members of the dramatic profession and the kindred professions of literature, painting, architecture, sculpture and music, law and medicine, and the patrons of the arts."

I would truly consider myself privileged to one day be inducted into this prestigious club, especially considering the fact that Orson Welles was denied. (That tidbit did tickle me).

Many thanks to Robert and Lee, as well as the other entertaining and intelligent individuals I met, for a truly enjoyable evening. I'll be looking forward to the next one.

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  1. Ok betch! I'm jealous of you and so excited for you at the same time! LOL Make sure people know I'm the "President" of your fan club.